Terms and Conditions


1. Functions and Events rents this equipment /décor described on the client’s booking/contract, which is subject to the following terms and conditions.
The rented equipment/ décor remains the property of Functions and Events.
2. The client will be held liable for any equipment / décor loss or damage during the stipulated rental period. If damage or loss occurs, the client will be responsible for the replacement at a replacement price determined by Functions and Events.
3. The client is aware of the purpose for which the equipment/ décor is intended and shall use the equipment for such purpose only.
4. The rental period is stated on the quotation/ booking/contract /invoice.
4.1 If not returned on a stipulated day, an additional charge will apply at the rates of the price list until the equipment/ décor is returned by the client or collected by Functions and Events.

Booking & Payment Policy

5. All quotations are valid for 7 days only. All orders subject to stock availability and price changes without prior notice.
5.1 To secure a booking, we require a 25% deposit for order main totals over R 1500. Orders below R 1500 require full payment to secure the booking.
(Main total is the last-mentioned total that changes every time you make payments/changes to your order, this amount already includes the refundable holding deposit as well).
5.2 The payment of the balance should be made at least 7 days prior to the delivery/collection. Full amount to reflect in our account before collection/delivery.
5.3 An additional charge of R 70 will apply for all cash deposits. We strongly discourage any cash deposits.
5.4 Payment must reflect in our bank account and proof of payment must be sent from your bank to finance@functions-events.co.za. Use your unique Cust Acc. number as a reference.
5.5 No order will be collected or delivered without full payment reflecting in our account.
5.6 It is the client’s responsibility to check the quote/booking to ensure all items and quantities are correct. Upon payment received it means that the client accepts the booking and acknowledges that all items and quantities specified on the quotation/ booking is correct.

Once the booking form is signed Functions and Events will not be held liable if the items and or quantities on the booking form is incorrect.

Refundable deposit/shortages/damaged items

6. A Refundable deposit is required to ensure coverage of any shortages/damages, should they occur, this will be asked of All clients.
6.1 The refundable deposit will be returned once all items have been checked and declared in good order.
6.2 Any orders containing linen, the refund will only be done once goods are returned to us from laundromat flawless. If damages occurred client will be notified and an option for deep clean can be charged to client’s holding deposit upon confirmation from client. If deep clean still does not work the replacement cost of the item(s) will be charged to the client’s holding deposit.
6.3 Client to collect damaged and invoiced goods within 48 hours or else it will be discarded of.
6.4 It is the client’s responsibility to e-mail Functions and Events at info@functions-events.co.za/ finance@functions-events.co.za their banking details for the refundable deposit.
6.5 Any shortages/ damages will be deducted from the refundable deposit. This deposit will be returned within 7 working days from the function date via EFT. If this amount exceeds the amount of the refundable deposit, the client will be liable for the full amount. This account should be settled within 7 days after the client receives the shortage/ breakage invoice.
6.6 Clients who do not settle their accounts within the 7 days will be handed over to a debt collector and will be blacklisted unless a prior written arrangement is in place with management

Delivery & Collection

7. The client must collect and return the hired goods on the stipulated dates as on the quote/booking form. If not, the client will lose the refundable deposit.
7.1 Client will be charged the replacement cost for items not returned/damaged/lost.
7.2 Functions and Events will deliver and collect at an additional fee, depending on the location. Costs are subject to change.
7.3 Client to provide an Estimated time (before or after 12h00) and date for delivery to ensure a safe and sheltered space for delivery/collection. However, delivery times cannot be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances.
7.4 Items must be ready for collection in the same place and manner (packaging) where they were delivered to. Example: Chairs must be stacked, cushions must be packed in bags supplied, linen must be dry and all other items in the packaging they were received in.
7.5 Failure to comply will result in additional charges for breakdown. This will be deducted from your holding deposit.
7.6 Normal transport fees apply from Monday to Friday during working hours. Additional transport fees are charged for after working hours, Sundays, and public holidays.
7.7 Functions and Events will not be held liable nor responsible for the client’s failure to inform us about changes in the delivery/ collection times and dates. An additional charge will apply if any extra traveling would deem necessary.
7.8 Functions and Events cannot be held responsible for any damages/ breakages occurring when using own transport or courier services. The client takes full responsibility for damages and or losses.
7.10 It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that he/she or the designated person is present to collect and return the goods in good order as agreed upon in 7.7 and 7.12.
7.11 In the event where the client or the designated person is not satisfied with the goods, the person needs to notify the warehouse immediately via telephone 021 300 4035 or
064 904 0511 (all dissatisfactory to be reported before the event, upon checking of goods upon delivery no later).
7.12 Failure to sign the delivery/collection note by the client/ designated person, the client will be liable for any damages/breakages or losses when Functions and Events checks the returned items.
7.13 The client and Functions and Events needs to check the goods collected/ received and the client will be held liable for any shortages/ breakages and damage.

Care of goods

8. Chairs must be stacked, cushions must be packed in bags supplied, linen and all other items in the packaging they were received in.
8.1 It is the client’s responsibility to have tools for the assembly of the tables. Please see instructions.
8.2 Clients are not to wash the linen.
8.3 Additional charges Will occur in the case where glasses, dispensers, cutlery & crockery is returned without being rinsed, with food, or consumable liquid in. This additional cleaning fee will be deducted from the holding deposit.
8.4 Linen that returns with non-removable stains, torn, burned, or damaged in any possible way, the client will be charged the full replacement cost.

Cancellations and changes in bookings

9. Cancellation of entire booking
9.1 50% of the paid amount is non-refundable if the Order is canceled between 8 and 14 days prior to the function date. Functions and Events (PTY) Ltd shall be entitled to 50% of the booked amount.
100% of the paid amount is non-refundable if the Order is canceled 7 days or less prior to the function date. Functions and Events (PTY) Ltd shall be entitled to 100% of the booked amount.
In respect of any other cancellation more than 14 days prior to the function, a minimum cancellation fee of 10% will be applicable on any paid order.
9.2 If the client did not pay full amount, only a partial amount e.g., they only paid +-25% of the order, the client will lose the full amount paid if the booking is cancelled 14 days and less / never collected.
9.3 No refunds will be given to the client for items hired and not used during the time specified on the booking form. Even if goods come back unused in original packaging.
9.4 The client furthermore agrees to be responsible for all legal costs on attorney client scale, including collection commission, in respect of any proceedings instituted by Functions and Events for the recovery of any goods or amounts owning by the client in terms of the agreement.
9.5 All changes must be done in writing (email or WhatsApp to Work Cell Phone) during working hours only.

Accidents/Injuries/Death and other Liabilities

10. In the event of any kind of loss, damage, injuries, or death before, during and after any event, Functions and Event will not be held responsible or liable for any kind of claims of whatsoever nature. NO SELLING OF ALCOHOL / ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES TO ANY PERSON(PERSONS) ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES.
The client takes full responsibility for damages/ losses of any kind.
10.1 In the event of any kind of accident Functions and Event will not be held responsible/liable for any kind of injuries to persons/ third parties and its employees, any kind of disability or death resulting on any kind of accident before and or/ during and or/ after the event. The client takes full responsibility for injuries and or deaths that may occur.
10.2 These terms and conditions are compulsory and binding upon payment, even if the client has not signed the terms and conditions.
10.3 Venue: The tempering with any locked doors or opening of any of closed of areas are illegal and a case of theft/unauthorized entry will be opened at the SAPS.
10.4 While in duration of the current Covid Pandemic (National State of Disaster) all clients compelled to wear a Masks, venue guests will have to get their temperature taken and recorded on a sheet for reference, hand sanitisers are distributed all over for your use.